I was wondering,
moods swings so fast.
Sounds coming from far places;
Cold shivering me,
Face soaked with drizzle,
Balcony Flooded,
Mourns with me.

Pain of separation;
Anxiety to meet.
I cried,shouted; No,
No one come to rescue;
Me the rescuer felt,
Its of no use to come.

I ran, created a lot alike frog,
Bitch came and dog barked & barked.
Lightning, thunder & rain
Mixed so nicely;
I felt your voice & touch.

Page got soaked,
In peace with sound.
I created you like he created thy.

The blessed one who wrote,
With you, thou my love fable.

You light I smiled,
Thunder I heard; trembled.
Rain you submersed me;
The loneliness was afraid,
I was with thy love,
So rhythmic,
Rain <3
I saw the rain coming like line;
Drop by drop smitten in love,
Drops so entangled formed ocean,
Slowly, swiftly I was in;
Ocean of life, Creating, Destroying & Creating.

Grey Clear sky;
Sending the rays with,
sweet bitter rains.
After hours it turned into pain,
Inside me drop by drop,
I got Inspired by you;
Influenced by thy.

Thou has such a power,
Mine senses fails to figure out.
I prayed to thee: now stop
Some are going,some are crying
and I am Raining.

You are too large like,
Imagination that I have;
A Vision unrated, undivided and unmatched.
Lastly I heard you crying
A glance of man, came out to see leftovers
After a heavy shower
You washed all
Mine suffering
your child was rescued
No Mourns
Nose waked up lastly,
Envious of ears and eyes;
Now is more jealous of me!

Feverish me feverish you
You asked me to accompany you
In the Enterprise
Became your confidant
Suddenly door slapped by rainy wind
I have to be alive
With you inside the cozy blanket
I started raining with you
Raining is like roving in carnival
Yours Birth wasn’t smooth
Eyes lids are closing
I tried to accompany you in journey
As per mine Fate I cant
be with anyone for long
Change and pain is written
I wrote happiness & peace with you

Again you rocked the door
Again you came

In dreams i am with you
Let it be and let me go

Now, Mosquitoes are behaving alike you
Stop! You kissed and hummed
You are melodious like Love songs
Now Go and sleep
I have to dream of love

I promised Rain…
You came as door intervened

Huh!Go away
Come and sit for long and die!