STRESS, itself telling that Solution is Thinking and RE-starting as Sun will surely Shine. Many of us feel stressed and get overwhelmed every day even they know how it affects the body, soul, and mind. But, if you don’t think your anxiety, despair, gloominess, sadness, and stress bangs your physical health, then it is the time for you to think again. All of these sensations, emotions & feelings generate & triggers chemical reactions in our body which leads to inflammation and weakens the immune system. So, it’s time to learn how to cope up, my friends. There will always be dark days but you can bring the light to them by little toil and management.

There are infinite factors which pile up in your life and pins you; which can be named commonly as stress. Very aptly Hans Selye tells why we are so affected by stress; “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” The reaction is totally dependent on us, as being in control of your life and having realistic prospects about your daily dare are the keys to stress management. Perhaps, it is the most important element in living a happy, healthy life. The best tool against stress is the ability to choose one happy thought over another happy sad.

When it comes to stress management in office then I feel, the workplace should offer a stress-free atmosphere, recognize where stress is becoming a problem for the employees, and take actions to reduce the stress. As it can lead to:

Stress in the workplace
Low productivity
High management pressure
Ill Health

Significantly, if the stress is causing serious health effects, the sufferer must consult a doctor. Do not see in your mind’s eye that things will get better by soldiering on, you are hopeful that the stressor will somehow become smoother; things can and perhaps will get worse.

To erase stress form your life, you can do:

The relaxation techniques like yoga, dancing, singing, meditation, and exercise. You’ll look and feel better after this
3-4 times breathe out and in, all the way and relax
Another easiest remedy is to sleep; I know stress will pin you again and again but you forget it and sleep. After having a long nap you will feel rejuvenated One stress buster; which I recommend to all my friends, colleagues is to drink water; it acts like soothing potion in our body ultimately making us stress-free

One should simply identify the cause(s) of stress, and then if appropriate you may remove the individual from the situation that is causing the stress or you yourself leave that company.

Predominantly, if the sufferer has any trend to take no notice of the stress predicament then counseling may be necessary to identify the cause(s) and resolve them.

3D render showing a character sitting on a word, with head in hands looking stressed.

Moreover, one thing for all theist will love to know that; “God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress.”- Kelly Clarkson; American singer, songwriter