Growth When I was child I used to read books aloud, diary writing wasn’t a task for me as I loved writing. As a single child I was fond of kids and the bond asked more from me; which I imparted by providing evening lessons to them. When friends were afraid of 10th board, I was busy thinking about managing time for teaching kids while self-studying. 1 hour each day provided me those skills which can’t be quantified; majorly to mould kids in positive way. The learning & understanding capabilities increased, curiosity of kids made me more eager to impart my knowledge & how to communicate while being patient, and much more. The role of tutor is like in process till date; as whole profession of teaching came to me in early age. After 12th from science-background, I was on the path to decide what now, teaching is there but Graduation is major which wasn’t easily selected as I was fond of painting, writing and medical field also.

Nonetheless, I was destined to write, so I opted English Honrs and then my journey of writing took a leap. In 3 years whole personality changed with the help of all extra-mural activities. Post my Graduation I got an opportunity to work in the admission process as Intern in my college. Since then I am working for women and children growth with VSSKK NGO.

In the end of Internship; DUSU Job Fair turned out great, as I got selected by HT Media for writing Content. I am discovering each aspect of content, as learning never ends as well as articulating the same. As a strong believer of free sharing of information and active networking to make the world an open source exchange ground and raise the bars to creativity.
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