Madame, Monsieur,
Since many days, I was pondering about why some individuals feel uncomfortable sitting inside the four walls of the office, few are incapable of talking without restraint while others are powerless to walk without stumbling and few are unable to breathe freely.

I know many people who have just read aforementioned paragraph, are feeling, “Yes! Sadly, I am able to connect at the most with one or the other reason for being uneasy at the workplace.”
So, now this has triggered you, so you must be screaming within yourself that “I want to stand and say “STOP!” to those who are bringing the uneasiness the feeling of disgust in a place where I work; moreover I have the courage to stand for the right reason.” But I know, you will just scream & forget. Alas! Ask yourself, which race you belong to – one which think and forget, one which think and make itself frustrated or one which complain and take action.

Moreover, “Human Behaviour Flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge” – Plato; I agree with what Plato had posited as anyone who loses the control over these three or any one of them brings negativity in others life as well as in their life at office.

As the problem lies in the “Behaviour” is the manner in which individual acts or conducts oneself, particularly towards others. Thus, individuals should start to examine one’s own thoughts or feelings and manner towards their colleagues at the workplace; it’s high time now to change the behavior if it’s bringing uneasiness in anyone’s life. So, the question is majorly, who are answerable or responsible for this uneasiness and who are going to stand for unchaining this problem from their workplace at least and bring comfort.

Friends, I think checking & amending the behavior is required by everyone at every platform so our surrounding will bloom not wither!!

Nonetheless, “If you don’t learn to control your thoughts, you will never learn how to control your behavior.” ~ Joyce Meyer

I hope, you all will think and if anyone has complained or shown his/ her uncomfortable expressions then it’s your responsibility to change the manner.

Hope you’re now Making Good Manners, Breaking Bad Manners!!