Keyboard & Fingertips are crowned
Pen & Pencil are slaughtered & burned
Paper is stifled with printed alphabets
Shares the pain of pen
Both feels betrayed

No longer fingers hug & encircles
To convey myriad feelings
With different calligraphies
Ink is choked inside
All gone with one tap & click!
Yes! Now pen is dying

The Taste of different ink
The touch of the fingers, Thrust of palm
Drops of tears merging the emotions
Impression of dark & light pressure
All are gone with one click!
Yes! Now pen inked-paper is dying

Laptop & cell phone all are necessary
Printed Cards & letters are need
Are printed love letters shares the love?
Oh! Really the printed card has warmth as the written one?

Handwriting is there without its essence
The essence is gone with the burial of pen & paper
HandWriting becoming a relic
Is it smells sweet above the forgotten buried souls?