“Father – Daughter” by Rabisha

Stories are like I was too fond of you when I was a kid
I used to cry when you left me at home for office

I have developed different feelings
Now I have memories,
Which brings laughter, tears & anger.


People always say that your father is strict,
That’s why you are in these times so mannered, etc…
Yes, of course if you say… Air Force discipline is stitched up in my veins.


I don’t have the so many rosy pictures with you
I have some pics where I am afraid to be what I want to be


I cry, I fight, and I realize that it’s hard relationship
I compromise; I know you have baggage of your own time
It’s too hard to crack and mingle with present time
But sometimes we both try that also;
Sometimes we don’t strive to have a look on that.


As I know I can’t change the way you think, behave and react

I can try to love you they way you are…

I feel I must compromise more for the bond
I will try to say nothing, behave like you want
But … my heart goes astray but I will control it…


From my lens, I have seen you being caring, loving and understanding;
As well as angry, loud & indifferent.


“You have become independent”, you said that day
And you praise about me and feel proud too.
As I have started supporting you monetarily as well as emotionally…


But I feel, I have done nothing!

You have done all 🙂 

Yours only daughter