Look at life, Unlearn Everything
Be Nobody; Smile – When you want to cry
When things are sad; Be strange to sadness
Walk and run as fast as you can
Darkness is needed; Light too
Travel uncharted soul of yours
Just be alone Sometimes; And see the fear
Be like that,
Listen and Unlearn; All
And All; Will come to end
You just be what; Nobody know
Why everybody; Gets a chance
To tread on you; Unchain yourself
Breath the Green In
Look at the charm of Sky
Holding all in his palette
Together So Easily
Why can’t you hold?
Sun, Moon and Stars
Together with unlike clouds
Mingling with Air
Flora & Fauna
Go try today!
Hold the breath and release
Unlearn past and present
Fly with fragrant fluttery breeze
Paint the Beautiful life…
—- Rabisha Thakur