I am word or words,
Don’t know…
Starting with Evening –
Evening is Newlywed
I saw her, in fragrant fragments
He smokes; She bargains each penny
Evening Gown- She wore
Walked side by side
She crossed & sadly she,
Wanted to Dine.
Night was impending
Laughing & running coldly
Shaped moon came – Night slept with Evening
Made long love
Gave birth- Morning in Morning
Yes Newly Born
Morning arrived
With Brightest Sun
He blessed- Her with Glittery Rays
Danced & Played
Morning in her childhood
She grows faster & faster
Worked & loved
In her Youth- Became Evening
Soon Fallen in Love with Night
Wrote Letters,
Waited in Dark
Fought but Loved
Lived Life Together
Became one Soul – Night
She wanted the moon
Moon blessed her
Happily Slept to meet Morning
Friends & Lover, Lived short period
Flew with time

 — Rabisha Thakur