Bio: I am a story/poem/painting and a unique one in my own way. You would love when you unknowingly will feel connection with them. Stories/poems/paintings are a very essential part of our lives as they steal and makes it a lively album for us. In a way we all are characters of inter-mingled tales. We all have ideas but only a few try to materialize it in print. I am trying my bit to contribute in different possible ways. Being a writer, painter, enthusiastic, observant, and a social human being, I love to pen down as much as I can; what I am feeling, experiencing and thinking every second of my life. An amalgamation of reality and imagination which are oriented in a structured form tend to indulge the reader in what is being presented in front of them. I want to intrigue you and create a space in one’s mind which can make you re-think; that want to achieve through my ‘Writings’. Mind is like an apartment where we can create both negative & positive/ hell & heaven with language. I present before the world ‘Un-communicated lightning of My Mind’; a compilation of all floating narratives. E-Mail: rabisha.rabisha@gmail.com

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